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2008-06-12 23:06:06

Time certainly flies and much have happens since my last entry. In the fall I was elected Vice President in JCI Denmark and at present time I'm half way to my year in this post. To be responsible for one region in JCI Denmark have been hard work, but it out-put of your investment in great. You learn a great deal about leadership, motivation and planning ? just to mention a few things.

Then there's my studies where I finally got half way on my exam paper, and hopefully at the end of this summer I'll been done with that part of my life. At work I've slow a little bit down and haven't had as many hours as I had last year, due to hours spend on JCI and learning how to play golf.

On a more personally note I've meet the most fantastic girl, whom I've fallen in love with. This relationship is what I've been looking for and if all goes well I'll be moving in with her before the summer comes to an end.

That was the short version on the latest year in my life.

2007-03-28 12:25:37

Finally I'm back... after a long time of silence on my page, I've finally found a few spare minutes to write a new entry in my blog.

Much has happen since last I wrote. In January I was elected Local President of my chapter of Junior Chamber, a position that takes up a large portion of my time, but I've found that it greatly rewarding with new friendships, a few assignment at work, and on a more personal note it gives me some experiences in being a better leader - though better knowing my self and the people around me.

At work it has been, as usual, a lot of work, but I found that the assignments that I've been given doesn't require that much of me, a thing that I'm very eager to change since I like challenges and I want to constantly evolve to be a better advisor/auditor.

2006-11-18 17:50:57

Hmm... Even though it hasn't been that long, since I last wrote on this blog it's hard to remember what has happened lately. Maybe because most of my time for the time being is spend at the office, which exactly isn't that exiting to write about.

Other than working, I've had a couple of social gatherings with some friends of mine, both new and old. These have been both fun and memorable, especially last Friday where I had to friends over for dinner and wine. We had at blast and before we knew it the clock and past two in the evening - the night ended with me spending almost 1k of DKK on some wine for my modest wine cellar.

2006-11-05 14:05:41

Damn has it been 2 months since I last wrote of the things that have happened in my life...

Well here's a short story of it. I've been elected into the committee of JCI NordKraft. It's a position that may be taking a big chunk of my time in the coming year, but the benefits could by far surpass this. I've also been on at Congress with JCI were I saw the heart of the association and there was a great many interesting seminars for those to whom the committee work being done by the Local Leaders in JCI have no interest. In all I found it at intriguing and educational weekend.

I've finally started on my exam paper, but haven't gotten very far. I've written one page, and finally found the problem that I want to write about. But the motivation has gone flying.

At work I still have a lot of work that has to be done, and finally I've acknowledge that if I'm to have some time for my exam paper I have to distribute some of my task to the other coworkers, and my work has to be more of a supervision role, which is something that I haven't got much experience with - but I have to learn sometime.

Well that will be all for now, hope that I in the future will be writing here on a more frequent note.

2006-09-05 12:22:19

Breaking news - read all about it!!!

I was wasted this weekend. Had some old friends by, and we mixed some drinks and had a blast of a time.

My handball season started with training last Wednesday, where I also had some handball matches which I had to play for "the Firm". When I finally got home around midnight, I'd been at sports (on and off) for nearly 5 hours - damn I felt used.

I've been considering a new job the last few weeks but haven't decided yet! Depends on what my current employers can offer me at my upcoming annually job review.

2006-08-20 16:21:27

Time flies and I haven't been writing much "news" on my blog. I've had my much needed summer holiday. I didn't do much this summer just some relaxation, were I've been reading some literature and catching a few drinks with some buddies of mine.

I've now begun working again, not at the same rate as before my holiday but lately things have begun to speed up yet again, the coming week seems full of new challenges, which I look forward to ? not much fun not been challenged once in awhile at work. I've also begun the preliminaries for my final report in my studies at Aalborg University, which I'm also looking forward to having off my mind

2006-06-08 20:55:21

Finally the work pressure eased a bit, and I went to Prague with work last weekend. The weather there wasn't prefect, but it didn't rain which was fine by me. I went to a few bars and got pretty wasted Saturday. Sunday I went on a town tour which my company had arranged for all the participants, it was nice to get a look at the city and its entire splendor. Tuesday when I got back to the office I had a few loose ends which were more than I'd expected (Big surprise!), but I've finally got hold of it and can look forward to a bit more spare time in the days to come.

2006-05-22 08:55:54

Time just flies. I've been working way too much lately, but on the bright side, my bosses are noticing my effort.

Since my last entry (way back) I've turned a 28 years, and is now closing in on 30 too fast!!!

The last weekend I spend playing some mix-handball, serving beer at a concert and working a few hours Sunday, just to keep-up ;)

Hopefully all this work will come to an end in the near future, so I can write about some fun stuff for a change.

2006-04-05 21:43:33

Been quit busy lately with work and playing some Oblivion on my PC ? great game! Only problem is that it keeps crashing, so I'm hoping that a patch will come along shortly to fix this bug.

Nothing new to report about work, just keeps coming more and more work in, so only thing to do is to put in a few extra hours, and see if one couldn't reach the bottom of the pills at sometime.

I've also made some upgrades on my PC, so now it should be up to date once more, and ready to kick some ass in the Easter holidays when I'm participation in a small private LAN-party. But I'm still waiting for some of the less important parts, due to some crappy suppliers! Can't say I would advise my friends to order parts at ITbutikken or They both promised to send the parts within a few days, but haven't kept their end of the bargain, which have resulted in me having to find a new supplier for my new WAREZ!!!

2006-03-26 23:14:37

Another weekend is at it's end. In this weekend I got to spend some time with my family, we had at lunch get-together Saturday, where I could catch up on the resent news from those close to me. Saturday night I went out drinking, and ended up pretty wasted, which meant I didn't get much done today (Sunday) besides from playing a few hours of Oblivion on my PC.

2006-03-19 20:47:50

If you haven't noticed I've made some adjustments to my website this weekend. I finally made it possible to validate the website using's validator. I've also made possible for me to edit my own posts in my blog using a website rather than editing them directly in my database.

My career as a handball coach also ended this weekend it wasn't the greatest result I got as a coach, but it taught me a couple of things that I might be able to use in the future. The ladies I was coaching lost their final match this season but managed to remain in the division where they were playing. This should however mean that I should get some more spare time on my hands from now on that should be nice.

2006-03-12 17:08:30

Finally the page where I can enter my blogs has been completed. Now, all there's left is to see if it work c",)

Please work... So I can enjoy the fruit of my hard work.

2006-03-11 19:27:06

Finally I could catch up on some much needed relaxation. Haven't done much today, slept in late and went to a handball game, but that just about it. The past week have been busy I've been to a couple of meeting with JCI NordKraft regarding a project that we're working and a needed homepage for our chapter.

I've been working a bit on a webpage were I might write my blogs rather than write them directly into the database which is the way I've been doing it so far, but it not going so fast as I had hoped, but should be done in the near future.

2006-02-27 12:40:52

Not much has happened the last week.

One of things that pops to mind is that Tuesday I got accepted into JCI NordKraft a chapter of Junior Chamber International which wasn't that hard since the only thing I had to do was show some interest in the organization.

Another things was that Wednesday my car didn't start in the morning so I had to grab the bike to work, not much fun since it was freezing outside, fortunately the piece of shit worked when I got back from my day at the office and hasn't complained since.

Weekends aren't much fun these days because there's so much work to be done. Went to the office both days and didn't do much more than that.

2006-02-20 17:25:06

Well, then another week of work has begun after a weekend where I didn't get much rest.

Saturday I went to work, and tried to catch up on some of the things that had been building up over the last couple of weeks. But, I didn't get much done, because I can in a bit late and had to go back home early again.

Saturday night I had some friends over for dinner and a night of poker, mixed of course with a little bit of drinking (one shouldn't thirst).

Sunday it was back to work, since I didn't get that much done Saturday.

Well, that was pretty much my weekend.

Now it's Monday and I'm back at work. Well I'll try got out of the office early and catch up on some relaxation this evening.

2006-02-16 12:28:54

Why is it that when you have the best intents to get some task finish at work, those plans can easily be changed when new ones emerge and those task should have been finished yesterday :(

Today is such a day for me, I haven't finish any of the tasks I'd expected when I got out of bed this morning...

Well thankfully I can take the evening (where I don't have any planes) to finish this and maybe get rid of it today as I planed.

Well I'd better get back to work.

2006-02-15 12:19:21

My first blog is this one. Very nice. Now this hopfully works :)

I wonder what I'm supposed to write here, but it sure is nice to have the opportunity to write something ;)

Looking at this blog though, I know what my next project should be... Trying to improve the looks of this blog, which should'nt be so hard, 'cause it looks like crap, but hopefully I'll be able to get some nice graphics on the page and make a design that does'nt look like something from 1989.

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